Professor gets a sip of coffee, Tokyo is armed heavily

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The Money Heist cast members are turning out to expand the wait for season 5 by displaying their latest posts. The Spanish show stars formally called La Casa de Papel, quite late on Instagram shared the set’s pictures to tease the forthcoming season.

The final summer time was premiered by the Fourth Season and shocked the followers with a surprising dying. The ending of the Cliffhanger has given rise to a proper number of theories. Alvaro Morte, who plays the role of the Professor currently, has made the unit’s image public. The actor was witnessed carrying his fundamental regular shirt with a tie-on and was holding a cup of coffee in his hand, whereas the Cosmic burnished shiny behind him. He put his image to the public and wrote,” Sunny Day at the Office”.

On the other hand, Ursula Corbero put an image of her Character Tokyo to the public, that was posed with heavily armed weapons. On her hand, she held a machine gun and a couple of extra ones on her torso. On sharing the image, she wrote that people would freak out with the fifth season in the line.

Pedro Alonso also put to the public an array of snapshots of his character named Berlin and also wrote a long poem. His poem does have great sonnets and does have a way of expressing how others wish their days go by and how he would like to spend his day. In his poem, he also mentioned that if others choose to wish their days away, he chooses to stay and play.

Money Heist was created by Alex Pina and it touches on a Group that designs and implements heists. Professor happens to be the mastermind behind all this. The initial two seasons were based upon a heist in Spain’s Royal mint, whereas the focus of the third, Fourth, and fifth season was only the Robbery held at the Bank of Spain.

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