मीशो से पैसे कैसे kamaye / meesho se paise kaise kamaye

meesho se paise kaise kamaye
meesho se paise kaise kamaye

Nowadays, there are so many online App Have become. Where people online Sit home
Make money Can. Today we will give you
Meesho App about Will tell This one App With which you can easily earn money sitting at home. So let’s first know that Meesho App What is this.

Meesho App What is it

Meesho App Establishment of Sun 2015 Took place in Vidit And Sanjeev barnwal that IIT-delhi Of Alumni is, Through both Meesho App Was established was. Misho app is an online application where you can

Invastment You can earn a significant amount of money in every month.

Actually In, This one online Resale Platform is, That you can use to go straight to digital Marketing can also be called a mobile application. Now you guys think You must have been wondering what is the meaning of reselling app.

Actually Misho App is an online store where the big wholesale companies of India, In this list, you list your product by opening your account Also, the product is easily sold on social media site as commission. Can earn good money.


Example Let’s assume that a good laptop that costs ₹ 10000 Huh, At which you 5% Is getting commission of So if you Link Someone from Group I him Share and then if someone from your link gives this product Buys. So you with a share 10000 Of 5% That means that you sell the laptop From ₹ 500 Can earn

Meesho App Product Quality

Meesho App Enough about the quality of your product Strict it occurs. His Maintains a lot of standard things which are of quality for a user It is a good thing from the direction. Not only this, there are flexible exchanges and There is also a facility for return policy. If a customer has a product If there is a problem, Misho helps them by getting regular feedback from the customer. Does, To ensure that the quality of their product is always Be good

Meesho App a safe App is

Misho The app is a completely secure app. It is not a fraud. this one

Bengaluru-based social commerce platform is. That enhance their business Due to social media Resllers And Emerging brands Help of is.

How to make money with the Misho app

your Earnings will depend on your network. Means it’s up to you, You meeshow How many people can reach the product and how many of them Buy. If you have any online deals, Some of the best selling offers If you are a member of the group then this is a very good thing for you. Because in the group Many people can buy the product from your given link. So that your There are more chances of earning.

How much money can you make from the Misho app?

Misho Says the team that if they use their platform, then Sailor Har Month close 20 From thousand 25 Thousands can easily earn. In this you Many range will be seen with the product such as fashion, Life Style
More others Categories.

One According to the report Meesho Nearly 8
lakh Social He is also a seller Of india 500 From the towns. And they have done their business absolutely zero
Has started. At the same time, Misho’s platform 4 Million Consumers is present.

Meesho App Benefits of

You can earn more by adding Misho margin.

In this app you get a goal every week, You can also earn upper by completing them.

You can make your profit margin on three particular dates of the month like 10, 20 And 30 Date can be obtained.

With this, you can use this app Referral Program also join can do, Which will increase your income.

In this app you will be able to make first purchase 150 Rupees and for the next year and a half 1 Percent bonus gets as commission.

Meesho App How to register at

from all First you download the Misho app. Then you create your account there. After creating an account there, you will be able to see for yourself how much quantity there Has a product, And that too at very cheap prices. If you want You can also buy those products for yourself. Because there you have the product The cheaper you get, That product will give you Amazon and Flipkart like Will not be found on the application.

you You have to verify your mobile number by opening the Misho app. After that in front of you A video will play in which you are connected to the Meisho reselling business and Meesho You will be told about how you can earn money from the app. You understand seeing it Can. If you don’t want to watch, you can watch the video Skip Can also do. After this, you will be asked some information, you will get some information about yourself which You will be asked to fill all those information. And later on the home page Come and create your profile.

Meesho App Ways to make money from

First of all, you have to select that stuff on the Meisho app. Which you want to sell or sell.

After clicking on the stuff, you will get the details of the luggage features. After which you have to click on the margin button.

In it you can see as if suppose something ₹ 900 If it is You in that ₹ 100
With a margin of ₹ 1000 Can sell in

Now, click on Share on WhatsApp button and share the goods with which you want to sell.

Then if someone wants to buy your goods, send it to them.

After that what you On the same margin 100
Applied more money. It will come to your Misho account.

so In this way, with the help of Misho app, you sit at home every month making thousands of millions Can earn. This is a great way to earn money, Whatever your hard work And the talent depends on how much you earn and how you earn. If you like this information, then like it and share it as much as possible Do it If you still have some questions, then please ask us by commenting.

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