black fungus in noida: noida news: first defeated corona, now black fungus defeated

SFVS Team: – black fungus in noida: noida news: first defeated corona, now black fungus defeated
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यह खबर नवभारत टाइम्स की ओर से आई है

Greater Noida
Even though it is taking a long time to treat the patients of black fungus, but people are getting healthy now. 45-year-old Mohani and 51-year-old Kanchan Chauhan, living in Noida and Greno, have defeated the black fungus within 25 days after Kovid. Both were being treated at the hospital. Doctors say that fungus was found in the eyes of both the patients. In such a situation, after treatment with caution, both have succeeded in defeating this virus.

Patients are winning the battle with patience
Medical superintendent doctor of Realy Hospital Sunil Balian told that only after the corona infection, black fungus is taking patients under their control. On May 3, 51-year-old Kanchan Chauhan, a resident of the district, was Kovid. Even after the report came negative in the CT scan, there was swelling in his eyes. After this, the treatment started under strict supervision of the doctors team. Kanchan is now fully health after a long treatment. Surgery has not arrived.

Defeated Corona, now beaten Fungus as well
Mohini, 48, a resident of Noida, was in the grip of black fungus after beating the virus. In such a situation, the family actually accepted the treatment. The family members were also nervous due to the fungus near the eye. Seeing the situation, doctors started treatment. After beating Corona, the problem was exacerbated by more injections. Because of this, black fungus was hit.

Doctors told that many patients are going to a very dangerous state due to this disease. His case was a little different. Medication was started when the initial symptoms appeared near the eye. Because of this, they have been able to win the battle within 15 to 20 days.


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