harshvardhan slams rahul gandhi: rahul and harshvardhan fights on twitter: Harshvardhan rages on Rahul

SFVS Team: – harshvardhan slams rahul gandhi: rahul and harshvardhan fights on twitter: Harshvardhan rages on Rahul
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यह खबर नवभारत टाइम्स की ओर से आई है

Between Corona, the ruling BJP and Congress are at odds with each other. The battle of both the days appears on Twitter. Something similar happened on Wednesday. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi shared a graphic of ‘The New York Times’ linked to official and estimated figures of death from corona in the country. Rahul’s tweet hit back at Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan. He exhorted the Congress to refrain from doing politics over corpses.

On Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi shared the graphic of ‘The New York Times’ on Twitter, saying, ‘The figures don’t lie … The Indian government does it.’ This graphic is associated with official and projected figures of death from the corona.

What did Harshvardhan say in retaliation?
Union Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan responded to this tweet of Rahul. He said that doing politics on corpses is the style of the Congress. The vultures from the trees may be disappearing, but it seems that their energy is being absorbed into the vultures of the earth.

In his tweet, Harshvardhan further said that Rahul Gandhi trusts New York more than the government of the country. To learn the politics of corpses, learn from the vultures of the earth.

Rahul is constantly attacking the government

In the midst of the corona epidemic, the Congress has been continuously targeting the government. The opposition has been questioning the ruling BJP on its modalities, from vaccination to control of corona.

For some time, Rahul Gandhi has surrounded the government on almost every issue. Recently, after raiding the Twitter office of the Delhi Police in the Toolkit case, he said that truth is not afraid of anyone. Congress has demanded action on the tweet of 11 Union Ministers from Twitter.


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