Lucknow: 3 policemen went to the wedding without permission, sentenced to run 5 km

SFVS Team: – Lucknow: 3 policemen went to the wedding without permission, sentenced to run 5 km
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यह खबर नवभारत टाइम्स की ओर से आई है

Hemendra Tripathi, LucknowIn the capital Lucknow, many cases of indiscipline and negligence on the part of policemen keep coming up, in which they are also given different types of punishments. A new case related to this came to light, where in return for indiscipline on the part of the policemen, they were punished for running 5 kms.

Three policemen went to Rakshi’s wedding
The whole matter is of Gomtinagar police station in Lucknow. Where stationed constable Omkar Patel had a wedding program in Varanasi district outside Lucknow on April 29. According to the information, constables Laxmi Narayan, Anil Yadav and Ashutosh Yadav, who were stationed at Gomtinagar police station at the wedding ceremony of Raksha Omkar, had come out of Lucknow to attend the wedding program without informing any high official.

5 km race penalty for non-permission of high officials
DCP East Sanjeev Suman said that the policemen stationed at the police station to attend the wedding program outside Lucknow neither informed the officer posted in the police station nor took permission from any officer, who comes under the category of indiscipline. . Due to which the three constables have been punished for running 5 km in Reserve Police Line, Lucknow at 6 am on May 28.


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