Rajasthan News: Rajasthan mei 48 dino mei ghata sankraman: In Rajasthan, infection slows down in 48 days, but young people become most infected in second wave

SFVS Team: – Rajasthan News: Rajasthan mei 48 dino mei ghata sankraman: In Rajasthan, infection slows down in 48 days, but young people become most infected in second wave
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यह खबर नवभारत टाइम्स की ओर से आई है


  • After 48 days, the rate of infection continues to fall in Rajasthan
  • Youth affected in Jaipur in second wave
  • Youth affected in the age group of 21 to 30 in the state

Now the havoc of the second wave of corona is gradually seen in the state. After the data on Tuesday, the state has started to become clear that after 48 days, the infection in Rajasthan has slowly stopped. Let us know that after 7 April in Rajasthan, daily Kovid-19 cases were increasing. On April 7, 2,801 new cases were registered in the state. After this, the number of corona infected was continuously increasing. But now on Tuesday, 3,404 daily cases have been reported in the state. Which are the lowest daily cases in the category in these last 48 days.

Rajasthan Corona Update: 3404 new cases of corona virus infection in Rajasthan, 105 more deaths

The most infected came on 2 May
Let us know that in the state for the past several days, the process of new infections is falling rapidly. On May 2, the state reported 18,298 new kovid infections, the highest on a single day. Compared to May 2, the number of new infections per day is now 81.3 percent less. This indicates that the epidemic situation in the state has improved significantly. Although daily affairs have fluctuated since May 2, it has never gone above the figure of 18,298. If we consider the figures of the last eight days, daily new infections have never gone above the 10,000 mark here. This indicates that the speed at which the virus was spreading has slowed down.

raj reports

Youth in Jaipur most infected in second wave
According to the TOI report, the second wave affected the youth the most in Rajasthan and especially in Jaipur. According to the data, the youth population in the age group of 21-30 in the second wave has been the most affected by the second Kovid-19 wave in the city. According to the data revealed in Jaipur, one out of every four virus cases was in the age group of 21-30. The 60-year-old population was safer in the second wave than the first wave. According to Sawai Man Singh Medical College, this wave has also caused the maximum damage to the young population. He became more viral in the second wave, with Corona moving more aggressively.


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Up to 7 percent increase in second wave
In comparison, the worst of the first wave was in the two months (November and December last year). The 60-year-old group was the most affected by Kovid during this period. In November, 20.3 percent of the total cases were from the above 60 groups. In December, it was slightly higher at 22.9 percent. In the same period, the share of the population of 21-30 years in total cases was 18 and 17.7 percent in November and December respectively. It has increased by about 7 percent in the second wave.

Not a big change in the age group of 41 to 50
Superintendent of the state’s largest Kovid Hospital (RUHS), Dr. Ajit Singh said that apart from the age group of 21-30, the city recorded a significant increase in infections among the 31-40 group. In the first wave, this age group was 20.2 percent of the total cases in November and 19.4 percent in December. But in the second wave it has increased to 22.6 percent in April and 24.5 percent in May. However, in the age group of 41 to 50, the transition between them was about 15 to 17, there was no major change in their figures.

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