shahjahanpur news: toll plaza per kinnaron ne urtare kapde: eunuchs took off clothes at toll plaza

SFVS Team: – shahjahanpur news: toll plaza per kinnaron ne urtare kapde: eunuchs took off clothes at toll plaza
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यह खबर नवभारत टाइम्स की ओर से आई है

Shiv Kumar, Shahjahanpur
Toll plaza personnel found it expensive to ask for tax from the eunuchs on the toll plaza on the National Highway of Banda, police station in Shahjahanpur. Angry eunuchs stripped naked on the toll plaza and did a high voltage drama and did vulgarity. The eunuchs have accused the toll plaza personnel of indecency, while the toll plaza manager has accused the eunuchs of not paying toll tax.

The case is related to National Highway 630A Sabali-Atteli Toll Plaza, Thana Banda. Here Kinnar riding in a car was going towards Banda from Puanda. There was a dispute between the eunuchs and the toll plaza workers regarding paying the toll tax at the toll plaza. Angry eunuchs got naked and started high voltage drama. The eunuchs lynched the toll plaza personnel. During this, Kinnar, who was stripped naked for about 40 minutes, continued to create a ruckus at the toll plaza. The eunuchs alleged that the employee posted at the toll plaza made lewd comments on them, which led to a ruckus.

No complaints in police
On the other hand, Rahul Singh, manager of the toll plaza, told that the eunuchs were passing without toll tax. The eunuchs refused to pay the toll tax when toll personnel asked for a toll tax. The eunuchs got angry about this and created a ruckus. Both the parties have not given any complaint to the police.


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