Uttar Pradesh Samachar: Co-operative recruitment scam: Investigation will reach political bosses of Ram Jattan and Ram Pravesh – up sit to probe kingpin of the case of corruption in cooperative societies

SFVS Team: – Uttar Pradesh Samachar: Co-operative recruitment scam: Investigation will reach political bosses of Ram Jattan and Ram Pravesh – up sit to probe kingpin of the case of corruption in cooperative societies
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यह खबर नवभारत टाइम्स की ओर से आई है

The two main accused in the Co-operative recruitment scam, Ram Jatan Yadav and Ram Pravesh Yadav, are trying to reach the political masters of the SIT scam. Both are named in six cases of recruitment scam. The SIT has collected several important evidences in the scam against these two accused, but no evidence has been found on paper against their bosses so far.

It has been revealed in the investigation that they used to get verbal orders to select the candidates they wanted. The computer agency operator Ram Pravesh Yadav, named in six out of seven cases of cooperative recruitment scam, is the most important link in the scams as it is also the main accused in the village development and gram panchayat officer recruitment scam during the tenure of the BJP government. Its important role has been revealed in playing the OMR sheet. Apart from these two, Omkar Yadav is also an important link in the cooperative recruitment scam.

More than 90% of OMR sheets have faults
The SIT has collected a number of strong evidence in the preliminary inquiry against the officers, office bearers and employees of the UP State Warehousing Corporation and the Co-operative Institutional Services Board on the direction of the government. An investigation into all the appointments made between April 1, 2012 and March 31, 2017, in the Cooperative Department and subordinate institutions has revealed that the accused chose the computer agency they wanted to conduct the exam and through them, the OMR sheets of 90 per cent of the candidates were malpractices. . The investigation has also revealed that more than one inkhead and pattern were used to fill the answer option for the OMR sheets of 90% of the candidates.

Through which people are recruited, the team is trying to find out
In the storage corporation, jobs were given on the basis of fake educational certificates of many candidates. Like Ramjatan Yadav, the then chairman of the Institutional Service Board, Omkar Yadav, the then MD of the storage corporation, also disappeared the hard disk of the computer agency which contained all the data related to the examination. The SIT is now collecting information about the shortlisted candidates to ascertain whether they were successful in recruiting through a leader and officer and the amount they paid for it.

Ram Pravesh’s company got work even after being blacklisted
Cooperative and Gram Panchayat Officer, the mastermind of the Village Development Officer recruitment scam is RP Yadav. Recently, the SIT arrested 11 people, including Ram Pravesh Yadav, in the Gram Vikas and Gram Panchayat Officer recruitment scam. It was revealed in the SIT that RP Yadav operates Access Designate Company. Its company had the work of six recruits in seven of the cooperatives. Its company was blacklisted after an investigation into cooperative recruits.

10 to 20 lakhs recovered for the job
After this, in the recruitment of village development and gram panchayat officers, it got the work done by KD Enterprises, a company of Kamlesh alias Komal, who works here. After this, more than 200 candidates were contacted through brokers. In lieu of getting them selected, they charged from 10 to 20 lakh rupees. Like the cooperative recruitment scam, there was a large-scale omission in OMR sheet in the Gram Vikas and Gram Panchayat Officer recruitment scams. There was a setting in this by the candidates that they would fill and submit their details on the OMR sheet and submit it. Subsequently, their OMR sheet was filled out by scanning. All the employees with the help of which the sheets were brought out folded. On this basis, the SIT caught the disturbances.

Arrests may happen soon
In the co-operative recruitment scam, the government has instructed to investigate the matter on a war footing. All the forensic evidence against the accused in this case has been found during the investigation itself. In a case registered earlier and in these six cases, the SIT can initiate arrest proceedings soon. However, the accused are circling the court to defend themselves. According to the information, the SIT has ample evidence of the changes in the recruitment standards going against the rules, the OMR sheet and the disturbances in the selection of the computer agency.


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